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Light Base


Light Base is a light source that illuminates whatever you place on top of it. Just push the switch and place an item you may have found on a trip, or one of your favorite materials, on it. As an accent to moderate the night, you can enjoy it on tables, in entrance halls, hallways, bedrooms, and so on.

Just put on. So fun.

Depending on the seasons and your moods, you can easily change what you place on the Light Base. If you are unable to decide what to put on it, try a glass cup or a cylinder of rolled up paper. As you change what you put on it, it becomes fun to experiment with different things. Ordinary objects may surprise you with an unexpected look.
Since the light source does not generate heat, it is safe even with materials that are sensitive to heat.

Attractive Even in Light

The main body of Light Base is made of solid wood so that it can blend into the atmosphere of your room during the day.
You can choose your preferred color from Walnut and Birch, and the shape from square or circle, depending on your preference.

Three Lighting Modes

Use the switch on the side of the body to turn the light on or off. Each time you press it, it switches from “soft lighting” → “strong lighting” → “fluctuating lighting” → “light off.” It can be used for about 150 hours with the soft lighting, and about 40 hours with strong lighting. In the case of fluctuating lighting, it flickers like a candle, and the battery life is about 70 hours.

Three Colors of Lights

You can choose the color of the light from Candle (2200K), Gold (3000K), and White (5000K). Please refer to the specification of each light color below when choosing:

2200K(Candle) Warm light resembling a candle flame. It creates a sense of rest and relief.
3000K(Gold) Rich and urbane coloring. The glow of champagne gold.
5000K(White) It reproduces the color of the material as it is. Ideal for light shades containing blue, violet, and green colors.

Automatically Turns Off in 8 Hours

Since it has a built-in timer that turns off automatically 8 hours after turning on the switch, it is safe even if you forget to turn it off. You can use it as a night-light, too, by pushing the switch only once before sleeping.

USB Charging

The light is charged via the microUSB on the back. It can be charged simply by connecting a cable from a USB compatible device such as a personal computer.

Fondly Look Back on Small Trips

Our Light Base makes you enjoy thinking about what to put on it. Even during short trips, you can enjoy thinking about what you could pick up to put on it. You may want to pick up a little unusually shaped shell on the beach, buy some beautiful paper or a small bottle in a shop, or make some glassware in a workshop, in order to get something to put on your Light Base and enjoy your time with it at home. Even after you come back home, you can still bask in the afterglow of your trip with your Light Base.

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Materials Native wood (Walnut / Birch)*1
ABS, Acrylic
Dimensions kaku:65mm (W) x 65mm (D) x 20mm (H)
maru:85mm (DIA) x 20mm (H)
Light source LED(Color temperature:2200K / 3000K / 5000K)
Power supply Built-in AA size rechargeable battery x 2
(Can be replaced with commercially available AA batteries) *2
Battery life About 150 hours per charge (Week lighting)
About 40 hours per charge (Strong lighting)
About 70 hours per charge (Fluctuating lighting)
The built-in battery can be charged 1000 times.
Weight kaku:About 110g (Including built-in batteries)
maru:About 125g (Including built-in batteries)
Accessories User's guide *3
Producing country Japan
*1 Because this product uses solid natural wood, there are individual differences in the wood grain and color.
*2 If you use batteries other than the supplied ones, charging them in the main unit is not possible.
*3 USB cable is not included with this product. Please use a commercially and readily available microUSB type cable.

Detailed instructions for use

For more information on how to use Light Base, please refer to the online user guide.
Online user guide

The user guide that comes with the product can be downloaded below.
Included user guide PDF(720KB)

Catalog of Light Base PDF(@MB)