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jiwari-good night


jiwari-good night is a small light for use during the time between switching off the main light and falling asleep. The light of jiwari-good night helps you to be relaxed and calm right before going to sleep, rather than just switching off the main light and having the room turn dark immediately.

Before You Fall Asleep

When the main light of your room is turned off, jiwari-good-night slowly turns on automatically, and by the time you close your eyes in bed, the light gradually goes off. A warm and relaxed feeling will be created by this small light before you go to sleep.

Simple Structure

Jiwari-good night has no switches, connectors, nor cords. It is very simple to start using; you only put batteries in it. Also, its appearance blends into any room, even during the day.

Soft and Smooth Light

The soft and smooth light of jiwari-good night is not too bright as is meant for use before going to bed. It turns on slowly and switches off slowly. It creates a relaxing time as if you are in a different world.



Materials Stainless steel, Brass, Acrylic
Dimensions 15mm (dia) x 45mm (H)
Light source LED(Warm White 2700K)
Sensor Light sensor
Power supply LR44 batteries x 2
Battery life About 3 months (turn on 5 times a day)
Weight About 22g (except batteries)
Accessories User's guide , LR44 batteries
Made in Japan