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jiwari-I'm home


Do you grope in the dark for a light switch when you come home at night? jiwari-I'm home senses you when you come home and turns on its warm light automatically. It gives you the pleasant feeling that you are being welcomed home.

Your Own "I'm home"

Your own personalized jiwari-I’m home won’t be complete until you put a lighting shade of your choice on it. Even something ordinary may make a beautiful light and shade. Enjoy your own jiwari-I’m home, depending on your mood or a change in the four seasons.

Superb Combination

Stainless steel is characterized by its high corrosion resistance and high strength. It is used as the main body of jiwari-I’m home so that it can match with any material. Also, a miniature light bulb, which makes warm light, is used as the light source so that it creates beautiful shade.
Despite the fact that many people may have a cold impression of stainless steel, the superb combination with the miniature light bulb allows it to create a gentle but glittering light.



Materials Stainless steel, Rubber
Dimensions 120mm (φ) x 27mm (H) (Except light bulb)
Light source Miniature light bulb(3.8V,E10)
Sensor Motion sensor (Detects within about 5m)
Light sensor
Power supply AA batteries x 2
Battery life About 3monthes (Turn on 10times a day)
Weight About 700g (Except batteries)
Accessories User's guide ・ Miniature light bulb ・ Cleaner ・ AA batteries
Made in Japan