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CALM is a night-light with a sensor that responds when the surroundings become dark so that it lights up automatically. It can be easily put on the wall of a corridor or stairs, in the bedroom, or around light switches and doors. With just its small light, CALM will turn an inconvenient dark environment into a relaxing and calm space like the moon shining in the night sky.

A Simple Night-Light that Blends into Your Interior

As CALM is made with natural wood, it can blend into the interior of your house. Walnut, maple, and cherry are available, according to your preference.

Freedom of Installation

Since many of the night-lights for home use are designed to be plugged in, they can only be placed where an outlet is located. CALM can be placed anywhere you like because of its built-in batteries. You may want to use the included hook with double-sided tape.

* If you wish to install CALM in a textured and porous wall made with materials such as diatomite, we recommend that you use a screw, which is also included in the CALM package.

Charging from USB

Charging is done via the microUSB on the back. It can be charged by simply connecting a cable from a USB compatible device such as a personal computer. When the remaining battery level goes down, the light will flash.

One Charge Lasts for Over a Month

The Ultrahigh efficiency and high precision lighting circuit made for CALM converts almost all of the energy stored in the battery into light. While maintaining sufficient brightness as a night-light, it can be used for long-term lighting of more than one month per charge (when lighting is on 12 hours a day.)

Switchable Lighting Modes

The lighting mode is switchable by pressing a button inside the CALM body. There are three modes: Automatic on/off mode by light sensor, always-on mode, used as an accent lighting for the room interior, and always-off mode in the case of a long-term absence from home.

Even in an Emergency

As CALM’s power source is a rechargeable battery, you could unclip your CALM from the wall and use it as a handy flashlight in the case of an unexpected power failure. Even if the rechargeable batteries run out and you are unable to recharge it, commercially available AA batteries are usable. CALM may light your way even in an emergency.

One Little Light

CALM is a small light, but you may feel that it is brighter than you expect while your eyes take time to adjust to the darkness. The quietly spreading CALM’s light will deliver a warm and smooth atmosphere to your life.


Materials Native wood (Walnut / Maple / Cherry)*1
ABS, Acrylic
Dimensions 65mm (H) x 65mm (W) x 20mm (D)
Light source LED(Warm White 2700K)
Sensor Light sensor
Power supply Built-in AA size rechargeable battery x 2
(Can be replaced with commercially available AA batteries) *2
Battery life More than 1 month per charge (when lighting for 12 hours a day)
The built-in battery can be charged 1000 times.
Weight About 110g (Including built-in batteries)
Accessories User's guide, Dedicated hooks, Small screw
Made in Japan
Award Good design award 2015
*1 Because this product uses solid natural wood, there are individual differences in wood grain and color.
*2 If you use a batteries other than the supplied batteries, you can not charge them with the main unit. Please use them as a power source of emergency.
*3 USB cable is not included. Please use commercially available microUSB type.